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In view of our goal to supply you with clean and Live Food, Versol has created the so-called "Family Basket", a mix of bio certified seasonal fruits and vegetables, carefully grown, carefully selected, packaged and delivered directly by us. The content of the Family Basket depends on the agriculture products ready for harvest. Eevery week you can see the the Family basket`s content as detailed below. The photos of the family baskets on the website are for illustrative purposes.

When choosing a Family Basket, you are directly involved in Level 3 Shared Responsibility. This makes it easier for the farmer to sell the maximum quantity of seasonal and available products without wasting production. By choosing a Family Basket, you save between 5 and 10% of the value of the products and with the choice of subscription an additional 10%.

When choosing a subscription and delivery to a point, you are as empathetic as possible to the farmer's efforts and share the risks and benefits of farming, because a subscription allows the farmer to plan production to the maximum, and the delivery to a point helps the farmer to save time for good farming practices. In brief, you will be part of the farming methods, of the farmer's efforts, of the connection with nature - i.e. you will be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

You can choose between the following Family Basket subscriptions:

►10 pcs Big baskets - amounting to BGN 330, which you can order and consume for a period of 6 months

►20 Big baskets - amounting to  BGN 700, which you can order and consume for a period of 12 months and you will receive 2 more pcs big  baskets

In case you are absent or do not want to receive your basket in a certain delivery week, please let us know at

The products in the family baskets may change weekly depending on the seasonality of the products grown.




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