General information

The plant goji berry

Goji berry is the fruit of Lycium barbarum from the family Solanaceae, which also includes potato, tomato and chili. The plant is a perennial, reaching 1-3 m. height. Goji berry has beautiful purple flowers, the color of fruit is most often bright red – orange. Goji berries are tender, juicy fruits with thin skin, so they are harvested only by hand and stored difficultly. Based on that, it is difficult to find fresh goji berry in stores. That’s why most often you can buy dried goji berry which contains less useful elements compared with fresh fruits.


How to eat goji berry?

Goji berry can be consumed raw, in fruit drinks (smoothies, fruit juices, etc . ) or as a garnish on cereals, salads or yogurts. Basically, goji berries can be baked, cooked, steamed, and processed in any way after they are washed.


How to store goji berry?

The raw fruits goji berry can be stored in fridge (in fruit zone). It is desirable to be removed from their packaging and placed in an open container spilled so as not to squish
eachother. Thus can be stored up to 10 – 15 days.