Goji berry

Годжи бери

We are familiar with the fruits of Goji berry, as perhaps most of you, from shelves of organic stores which offer mostly dried fruits of Goji berries.
We recognize the beneficial effects of Goji berry, and we don’t suspect that some of its beneficial ingredients have been lost during drying of fruit itself.
We know that Goji berry is a super food, however it doesn’t mean firmly that it is considered as a bio product.

Thus when we decided to develop organic farming, somehow a logical and a natural choice for us was to grow Goji berry.

Copy of DSC_0481As we want to grow fruits really beneficial for human health.
As we know how important is the plants to grow with care and love.

Now we can offer fresh Goji berry grown in pure mountain air, soaked in spring water and soil enriched with only biohumus.



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